Full brake service repair from pad replacement to anti-lock diagnosis. We also have the latest in hydraulic bending and flaring tools to replace brake lines as needed. Additionally, we have brake flushing equipment to perform regular maintenance on your car’s abs system.


Diagnostics is one of our specialties! Experience and equipment set Penny Hill Service and Performance apart  from the pack!  We incorporate the latest in industry equipment and technology to assist in our diagnostic procedures, including the the best in Snap-on brand scanning equipment,  several pieces of equipment to check internal engine problems as well as several cutting edge internet services to assist in any type of on car diagnostics.


Engine performance is one of the most important facets to your car’s overall health, efficiency and performance.  With the ever-increasing price of gas, a proper tune-up puts your car in optimum shape for optimum fuel efficiency. Rest assured that we have the tools and knowledge to make it right.


Emissions have become the most tricky part of Delaware inspection. We have scan tools, analyzers, as well as a smoke machine to check and repair all emissions related problems.

Steering and Suspension

The safety of you and those riding with you often depends on your car’s steering and suspension.  Small steering and suspension problems can become costly very fast if they go unchecked, undiagnosed and untreated.  Often, simple shock and strut replacement is a only repair that many vehicles require. Our pros have the ability to repair any and all steering and suspension related items.


Drivetrain issues can range from frustrating to downright dangerous .  Our techs service clutches, axles, transmissions and all related parts.  We routinely perform rear end  gear installation and set-up. Lifts, jacks, and all removal and installation tools are on site for quick and accurate repairs.


We can perform all factory maintenance on your vehicle. A common misconception among car owners is that only your dealer can perform your 30, 60 or 90 thousand mile service.  This is false. We subscribe to an industry endorsed service that provides us with all factory schedules to keep your car safely under warranty and performing at its best.